Shorty Wyant’s Store, Dover

June Bellah writes: I remember going in this store as a kid. It belonged to an old man named  Mr. Shorty!! My mama grew up there in Dover. Steve Johnson notes, via Facebook, that Mr. Shorty’s name was W. W. Wyant.

4 thoughts on “Shorty Wyant’s Store, Dover

  1. Gigi

    A question other commentors on this thread: What is the distinction between Dover vs Cooperville? My relatives were from Cooperville and were white. Is Dover a largely Black community? I always wondered because as a kid when i spent summers at my grandmother’s people would refer to something as being in the direction of Dover, but I never saw Dover. We knew Mr. Cane who ploughed fields in Cooperville, but I was five and never asked where he lived. Thanks, if you know. In any case, health and happiness to you.

  2. Robert waters

    Yes this was my great grandads store. A lot of people didn’t know that he helped a lot of people who couldn’t afford to pay he would basically give it to them

  3. June bellah

    I remember going I this store as a kid it belonged to an old man named mr. Shorty!! My mama grew up there in dover


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