Old Belleville or Troup Cemetery, McIntosh County

Within these walls are buried Captain Troup, British Naval officer, and his wife, Catherine McIntosh Troup. They were the parents of George M. Troup, Governor of Georgia 1823 – 1827; U. S. Senator 1829-1833. It was on this plantation that George M. Troup spent his early boyhood.

Ten other graves lie within this enclosure; the inscriptions on the marble slabs which marked them were effaced by time before 1850.

This plot, like many historical cemeteries of the Georgia coast, is surrounded by a tabby wall.

2 thoughts on “Old Belleville or Troup Cemetery, McIntosh County

  1. Frank Gloeckner

    Another cemetery, of great historical interest, is the Hopkins Cemetery. General Francis Hopkins and numerous family members are buried here. The Hopkins Cemetery is located behind the Crescent Baptist Church on Belleville Road. The General bequeathed 5 acres for public burial use in 1804.
    I have a few photos, if anyone is interested.

    1. Dee Lou


      I‘m interested an the photos you have of the Hopkins Cemetary. My g-g grandfather is buried there.
      Thank you.


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