Tarboro Mercantile Company Warehouse, 1924, White Oak

This is one of my favorite landmarks along U. S. Highway 17 and among the most-photographed locales on the coast highway. It was built in 1924 by Edgar Allen Poe McCarthy as a warehouse for his Tarboro Mercantile, located nearby.


4 thoughts on “Tarboro Mercantile Company Warehouse, 1924, White Oak

  1. Shawn Hager

    the woman who owned this old store died wed. at the age of 92 i think, it is a great old building, it would make a great restaurant, or bbq place, there is another old store on 252, if you turn beside this place it is in an “s” turn on the right hand side going to folkston.

    1. Jessica

      My mom worked at this store for six years and then owned it for a lil bit! As far as I know the owner is still alive and lives behind the store! This is my home town and my house is around the corner from it!!!

      1. ivanhoe1840

        My Great Grandparents, Mitchell M. Moore and Lula Maund Moore owned and ran a store in White Oak in the early 20’s -any info on them would be appreciated.

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