Wells Theater, 1942, Kingsland

This theater, opened by J. Nolan Wells around 1942, was also known as the Camden Theater.

Kingsland Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

5 thoughts on “Wells Theater, 1942, Kingsland

  1. Peter Winn Martin

    Old theaters are fascinating. Emma Kelly in Statesboro is a great example of how they can be used today. I believe there used to be two in Brunswick. I remember the Ritz, and there may have been a Bijou?
    Brian, as an aside comment related to your article on the Puritans move to Georgia, Midway Church and Society is having its annual reunion on Sunday, April 29, at the historic Midway Congregational Church. The service begins at 11:30, with dinner on the grounds after the service. I’d like to invite you to come and eat with the Martins, Winns, and Jones if you are able.

      1. Jed Wall

        Oh, I am sorry to hear that. 😦 On a brighter note, I hope that you will consider featuring a photo of the former office of architect Francis Abreu here in downtown Brunswick, GA. It’s a great old building and and is now used as a law office, I think.

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