Murray Hall General Store, Circa 1858, Toomsboro

This antebellum structure began life as a whiskey store, but for most of its history was  known as the Murray Hall General Store. It’s one of the oldest standing wooden general stores in Georgia, and though it’s been closed for years, it is well-maintained.


5 thoughts on “Murray Hall General Store, Circa 1858, Toomsboro

  1. Catherine

    As the last grandchild of Willie Alford Hall and Lily Freeman Hall, I can tell you WA Hall died in 1930. His son Murray Hansford Hall was in WWI as an ambulance driver and worked the store until his death in 1965. His widow, Geraldine Collins Hall also worked at the store and she died in 2003. The reason Miss Geraldine closed the store is because the people of Toomsboro kept stealing from her. My grandfather, Willie Alford Hall, lost lots of money as he would give credit to people and would forgive many debts that others owed to him. He was a kind and considerate man who, with others, established the Wilkinson County Bank now located in Irwinton, Georgia. Even before Geraldine Hall closed the store, people would steal the signs off of the side of the building. Also, the gas pump that remained there for so many years, was stolen. Willie Mae Hall was the oldest daughter of Willie Alford Hall and was a first grade teacher at the school in Toomsboro for many years. She never drove, so she walked to and from school each day in all kinds of weather. She also worked at the store when she was not teaching.

  2. Kim Novak

    This can be a great store again, there were many that were asking on how to revitalize the town, restaurant or stores, to bring some hard working people there, and to keep the history and character going. Look at Cracker Barrel, they used antiques, and history to bring in profits because everyone loves it. Toomsboro, can open that general store, and capitalize on it. I heard the developer bought part of the town, why not hire people with ideas to bring in revenue. hmmm I would love to see it. there are many retirees that are looking for the old relaxing place ….

  3. Dwayne Ussery

    This store was left prety much as it was when Mr Hall passed away in 1969 with most all of the contents still there..


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