McIntosh Family Cemetery, U.S. 17

The cemetery is located on U.S. Highway 17 in northern McIntosh County, south of Riceboro.

It serves descendants of the McIntosh family who settled Darien and McIntosh County in 1736. You won’t find Lachlan McIntosh here, but for Georgia history buffs and genealogist it provides a tangible link with one of our state’s founding families.

The McIntosh clan of coastal Georgia is lucky to have a genealogist among them. Brenda McIntosh White Rogers, pictured above, is not only well-versed in the family’s storied history but is also the custodian of the cemetery. She keeps an eye on the place from her nearby home, itself on ancestral lands of some of Georgia’s earliest settlers. I’m very grateful to her for sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm.

The text of this historic marker reads: The service of this family to America, since the first of the Clan, with their leader, Captain John McIntosh Mohr, came from the Highlands of Scotland to Georgia, in 1736, forms a brilliant record. The roll of distinguished members of this family includes: Gen. Lachlan McIntosh, Col. William McIntosh, Col. John McIntosh, Maj. Lachlan McIntosh-officers in the Revolution; Col. James L. McIntosh, killed in the Mexican War; Maria J. McIntosh, authoress; Capt. John McIntosh, Capt. Wm. McIntosh of Mallow, Capt. Roderick (Rory) McIntosh-British Army Officers Serving in the War with Spain and in the Indian Country; George M. Troup, Governor of Georgia; John McIntosh Kell, Second Officer of the Alabama; Thomas Spalding of Sapelo; Creek Indian Chiefs-General Wm. McIntosh,  Roley McIntosh, Judge Alexander McIntosh, Acee Blue Eagle…and many others.

There’s also a marker for the William Bartram Trail, placed by the McIntosh Family Cemetery Association and the Oleander District of the Garden Club of Georgia, noting that Donald McIntosh gave shelter from a “tremendous thunderstorm” to the famed explorer in 1773.


7 thoughts on “McIntosh Family Cemetery, U.S. 17

  1. Donna McIntosh

    My mother , now deceased was a McIntosh from St. Croix , Virgin Island. Is their information and photos on the Virgin Island McIntosh’s?
    Thank You so very much
    D. McIntosh

  2. Howard Banney

    I am looking for the grave of William H Mcintosh d. 30 apr 1825. Also John Mcintosh d. 1787. Thank You
    Howard Banney

  3. Madison Hodges

    Is there a way I can get in touch with this woman. I am Madison Hodges and I am a descendent of Rebecca McIntosh Hawkins Hagerty. My family says she’s buried there but I don’t know.

  4. Belva Harris Cauthen

    I would like to contact Jamie vaccaro. I also descend from our same col david McIntosh/ ruth marsden whose daughter sarah McIntosh married in 1818 in morgan co, ga my larkin Colbert. you can contact me at belvacauthenatyahoodotcom
    belva harris cauthen

  5. Jamie Vaccaro

    I am glad to have found this site. I am researching my McIntosh genealogy and was wondering if Brenda McIntosh White Rogers could help me. My 4th great grandfather was Col. David M. McIntosh and I was told that his father was Lt. Col. John McIntosh who owned Fairhope, but I have no records to prove that. Can anyone help me? Thank you, Jamie Vaccaro

    1. Jennifer Howes

      My grandmother was 1) Mary McIntosh, daughter of 2) John Houston McIntosh, son of 3) Bayard Livingston McIntosh, son of 4) John Houston McIntosh Jr., son of 5) John Houston McIntosh, son of 6) George McIntosh son of 7) John Mohr McIntosh. I have records of where all are buried except 6) George McIntosh and his wife Ann. There is speculation that he is buried with Lachlan in the family vault. Is there any new information on George and Ann’s burial site?

      1. Becky Stephens

        Jennifer, I’m descended from all the people you mentioned. I’d love to talk to you. Becky Stephens.

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