St. George, Georgia

Located near the banks of the St. Marys River, St. George is the southernmost town in Georgia, and being 24 miles south of Folkston, it remains quite isolated. It is sometimes spelled Saint George.

Established in 1904 as a “colony city” by P.H. Fitzgerald [who nine years earlier colonized the city of Fitzgerald] and his son John P. Fitzgerald, St. George was laid out near the forgotten village of Cutler. Some of the streets in the town today bear the same names as streets in Fitzgerald, notably those named for Civil War generals like Grant and Bragg. When St. George was not incorporated nor any improvements made, as Mr. Fitzgerald had promised, some of the colonists filed a lawsuit which led to the founder’s indictment.



5 thoughts on “St. George, Georgia

  1. Laura Louise Finley

    I have lived here for 2 months and it is getting pretty good.

    Went swimming in the St Marys River the other day and it was just awesome. We are building a new home here.

    We have a new Dollar Store. It is the best thing in a long time to come..


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