Dame’s Hardware, Danville


Jane Davidson Kirksey states that this was once Edgar Maxwell’s general store, but apparently, it’s better remembered as Grady Dame’s hardware store.

8 thoughts on “Dame’s Hardware, Danville

  1. John Holliday

    Looking at the building from the front, left to right. There was a wood building ( Wimberly’s store). Starting On the left side of brick bldg ,Danville laundry, ward’s general store and Lamb’s general store. These buildings had a metal canopy across the front of these stores. As of 1950.

  2. Ronnie Parker

    I renovated an old family farm house near Cary, Ga back in 1981. I went to Allentown & Danville to get some building supplies, because it was closer than Cochran. I remember the ceiling tiles were the old embossed tin squares which were only found in well-to-do establishments, back in the day. The manager said that at one time there was a bank located in that space. A very interesting, old building with some interesting history.

  3. Bill hoover

    Remember an old general store near the cold storage, ice house in Danville? Does anyone remember the name of it?

  4. Jane Davidson Kirksey

    This is Uncle Edgar and Janie Maxwell’s General Store. Across the street or should I say railroad tracks was Aunt Dean’s Beauty Shop next to it was Uncle Loyd’s Barber shop. Loyd and Emma Dean Hayes. The police station was at the corner. Wow, what a great find!

  5. Amanda Acree

    This used to be an old hardware store and hangout area for the older folks back in the day. I can remember going there with many of my family members when I was a small child, however it closed down when I was a pre-teen. Not sure on the history of it though, Im sure I could find out.

  6. Mike Deaton

    That was a feed and seed store/ hardware store…a man named Grady ?…cannot recall his last name ran it for years….

    1. Candice Brown

      Mr. Grady Dame ran the Hardware store here when I was a little girl. My mom worked across the street at the old Danville City Hall.

  7. Victor McGough

    I knew there was one more town between Macon & Dublin. I didn’t realize it until this post of the storefronts in Danville. I went through Danville on the trip with my uncle. He was an insurance adjuster for GMAC. He was going to see a man in a hospital in Dublin. It was a VA hospital I believe. Several years later I went to GA with a friend and his parents. The man’s father, my friend’s grandfather lived in Danville. I spent several nights there in Danville. The grandfather’s name was Butler and if I remember correctly he had a chicken farm there. Thanks for the memories.


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