Vertical-Lift Bridge, 1969, Omaha

Built by Seaboard Air Line, this bridge has been abandoned for years. It’s located between Omaha, Georgia, and Cottonton, Alabama, and is visible from the Georgia Highway 39 Spur. Jackie Purdy writes that there is another vertical-lift bridge operated by CSX on the Savannah River.

7 thoughts on “Vertical-Lift Bridge, 1969, Omaha

  1. David Anderson

    If you drive into Omaha on Hwy 39 and turn at the Fort McCreay historical marker, follow 2nd Ave until the RR Crossing sign and turn left down the dirt road, you can get right up to the bridge. There’s another dirt road that peels off to the left at the end. Walk up the road, up the hill and you’re on the tracks by the bridge.

  2. Linda Sims

    Yes, there was one on the Savannah River ,I grew up within view of it .I would say it was probably at least 50 or so years ago .I recall seeing it in the down position a few times .

  3. Julie

    I was fascinated by this bridge as soon as we passed it coming into Omaha. I had to stop and take pictures on our way out. My grandfather lived in Omaha as a young man (in the early 1900’s), and I just took a trip there with my father to see some of the old sites.

  4. Carol Binns

    My husband and I took a trip down the Chattahoochee River from Columbus to Lake Seminole last September. We saw and photographed this bridge below Cottonton. Thanks for the information on it.


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