McMillan Log Structures,1870s, Berrien County

Thanks to Nancy Holland for suggesting this location, on one of the most beautiful back roads in South Georgia. I was awestruck by this collection of working agricultural structures.

According to Mark Dixon, the structure above was a “starter cabin” built by Jim McMillan.


3 thoughts on “McMillan Log Structures,1870s, Berrien County

  1. Gloria Davis Lindsey

    All these structures were built by my great grandfather, James S. “Jim” McMillan. As far as I know, the pictured cabin was his and his wife’s [Rachel Van Fletcher] first home. They had 4 children, my grandfather James Edgar “Ed”, was the baby, born in 1886. There was a huge fireplace in the log house used also for cooking. Later, a log kitchen and dining room were built a short distance away, as was the custom then. According to family history, the “Big House” was built onto the unconnected log kitchen in about 1888-1890. My great grandfather, in his vehicle, was struck by the train in Alapaha and as a result, died. That was 1925 and my grandparents, Ed and Eunie Harper McMillan, moved to the “Big House”. My grandmother, Eunie, lived there till her death in 1991. The property is now in my possession. There has NEVER been a “Roberts” connection in any way—I have no idea where that notion came from. I was shocked when I read “McMillan-Roberts” Farmhouse. Gloria Davis Lindsey

  2. fjcoppage

    Brian, do you have an idea who built these log structures? I am hoping to find some tangible thing or place to connect to my early Berrien County ancestor, Clayton Jones. Some of his property later became property of the late J. Henry Gaskins of Berrien County. Francine Jones Coppage Valdosta, Georgia



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