International R-185 Fire Truck, Waynesville

Waynesville GA Brantley County GA International R-185 Fire Truck Engine Pumper Firefighting 1950s Rust Rusty Abandoned Cool Relic Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

I don’t know if this once did service for the Waynesville community or if it’s just a salvaged truck; this one likely dates to the late 1950s and is in relatively good condition.

Waynesville GA Brantley County GA International R-185 Fire Truck Engine 1950s Rust Rusty Abandoned Cool Relic Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013


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5 responses to “International R-185 Fire Truck, Waynesville

  1. Wesley Williams

    I have forwarded this to Hortense VFD Chief Mike Carver to give you the details. My understanding This was the primary first line truck @ Kings Bay NSB when Carver was a rookie FF. Hopefully he will share with you how it got to Waynesville; I believe it was call sign “Engine 1”.

    • Wesley Williams

      I am compoooterly challenged; but Carver tried to comment on here and could not get it to stick. Got many good post on Facebook about it and @ Carver’s request I am going to try and repost them on here… To me be the shame but to God be the glory! here goes…(to make it easier to follow I # each post and added a few() for fire fighter slang and or local slang)
      #1 Hortense Vfd Carver Believe its call sign was Golf 6
      #2 Bill Bennett Mike whats the story whats duty history on the truck
      #3 Hortense Vfd Carver Wesley Williams can you share my comment to this article
      #4 Dennis Gailey Hard to believe all those years and we still happy with 100 psi at the tip. Now it cost around $300k to get that.
      #5 Hortense Vfd Carver Wrote a short story on the other page but could not move it over. So here goes.
      #6 1963 International 6 cylinder 750 GPM huge hose bed. Held 1500 feet of duce and half. Remember doing reverse lay in a muddy ditch next to the fire tower. Guys were not impressed. 2 man cab, 2 FF on tail board. When we would respond to Kingsland we would get air going across HW 17. Safety for FFs started do we had to put belts on the bar to keep us from falling off. Of course firefighters have not changed , so we did not have to hold on, just enjoy the ride and look for the glow in the sky.
      This engine carried the first jaws of life in Camden(County,GA)
      #7 Zip Amerine Hortense Vfd Carver is it still around?
      #8 Hortense Vfd Carver Engine was used by Kings Bay Army Base as first out for years, then Kings Bay Submarine Base. Our new FTIs arrived and the engine was moved to Harriett Bluff under command of #9 Chief Jimmy Robinson . The engine had a small tank so the Vol dept needed more water. A large tank was fabricated and put in the hose bed . The truck was purchased by Chris Stokes family to water trees and plants
      #10 Hortense Vfd Carver Its in Waynesville next to RR tracks on Brown town rd
      #11 Zip Amerine For sale?
      #12 Hortense Vfd Carver George Fox was Captain on this truck. He is now retired Jax Fire Rescue
      #13 Hortense Vfd Carver Probably ask Chris Stokes
      #14 Hortense Vfd Carver Truck was yo old to have things called cross lay. Had to come off tailboard to wye at pump panel I think Chief Mark Crews might had rode it
      #15 Tina Gay Ingles We had one like that at the Bluff. First fire truck I learn to drive and pump.
      #16 Hortense Vfd Carver That’s it
      #17 Hortense Vfd Carver 5 speed
      #18 Carla Simpson-Rockey This would be awesome to restore and make a parade or other special detail truck for the county.
      #19 Hortense Vfd Carver Just reminded by Tony Vaughn nickname for her was Dino
      #20 Chris Brauda I have ridden that truck on duty it was in service as a reserve. I remember riding the tailboard wearing those belts. Sticking our heads under the hosebed cover because it was raining.
      #21 George Fox I wel remember that old Engine. Hard to believe it was that many years ago Mike Hortense Vfd Carver Many fond memories as we started that Dept. at Kings Bay and the chalenges we had.
      #22 Sumner Mike thanks for putting thank Old fire truck on fb it brings back a lot of memories. When some of us started fighting fire back in the 70s.

    • Thanks for all this information, Wesley!

  2. Carol Binns

    Wonderful fire truck! Amazing that it is in decent condition. In the 1960’s, my father had an old International Harvester pickup that I drove in high school, because I thought it was cool.

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