Front Porch, Ogeechee

This is a favorite landmark near Ogeechee. I was surprised to find it still standing.


7 thoughts on “Front Porch, Ogeechee

  1. Francoise Fussell

    It’s interesting that the occupants chose that shade of blue for the trim! In Beaufort County SC out on the islands, that used to indicate a desire to ward off the “hants”! Except for the stairs, this house looks good. Does the tree indicate that the house was built near the tree, or that the tree was planted about the time of the house’ construction? Nowadays we see people building expensive houses in the middle of a field with no trees being planted and it always makes me wonder what they’re thinking!??

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Not sure about the tree but I enjoy the reflections on “haint blue”. Many will say that they had no intention of that or no such beliefs, but I believe it’s such a pervasive superstition that people just do it without knowing! I’m all for keeping the bad spirits at bay 🙂

  2. Jennifer McDaniel

    I love finding old examples of haint blue. I do find it interesting the columns were painted, but not the porch ceiling. Squinting at the photo, I would venture a guess this was commercial paint, so maybe they were limited to one small can. Obviously, I’m just speculating, but it does bring up some interesting questions about the former inhabitants.

  3. Stan Arline

    The blue paint on the door and window trim was put there to keep the “haints” (ghost) away.We had tenent houses on our farm,andoften the residents would ask if they could paint the window trim and doors blue.

    1. Ben Dooley

      I’m surprised the ceiling isn’t blue. As a residential architect I still encourage many of my clients to paint their porch ceilings pale “haint” blue. Most of them do…I’m sure they have less a problem with ghosts because they keep to tradition!


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