Tallulah Falls Railroad Caboose, Cornelia

This nicely restored wooden caboose is located in the plaza near the Southern Railway Depot and is a tangible link to one of Georgia’s most historic lines, the Tallulah Falls Railroad. It operated from 1854 to 1961 under various incarnations, running from Cornelia to Franklin, North Carolina. The line was used by Walt Disney in 1955 as a set location for The Great Locomotive Chase.

1 thought on “Tallulah Falls Railroad Caboose, Cornelia

  1. Ben Dooley

    The old joke was that TF stood not only for Tullulah Falls but also for “Total Failure” because the line almost always lost money. If I recall the TF had 54 miles of track but had more than 1 high maintenance bridge or trestle for every mile! The TF was also featured in a early 50’s movie, “I Would Climb the Highest Mountain” starring Susan Hayworth.

    RR fans might also enjoy seeing the several surviving steam locomotives displayed along the Athens to Gainesville short line “The Gainesville Midland” aka “the GM…The Great Mistake”! This RR is still in operation as part of CSX. It was the last railroad in GA to continue to exclusively use steam locomotives. I think the last steam run was in the late 50’s

    Enjoying your great work Brian.


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