Bonner’s Cafe, Crawfordville

This location has been featured in several Hollywood movies, including Sweet Home Alabama. It was about the only place to get a good home-cooked meal in Crawfordville for nearly sixty years, and Mrs. Annie Lou Bonner was a well-loved local fixture throughout her long life. It closed in1997, but has since been reopened with another name.

Crawfordville Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

2 thoughts on “Bonner’s Cafe, Crawfordville

  1. Joel T. Foster

    My family and I stopped at Ms. Bonner’s Cafe while touring through Georgia. Ms. Bonner was still living and came over to speak to us as we sat down to eat lunch. I told Her my family were Confederate Soldiers and we were visiting some historic sights. At that point she shuffled off and came back carrying a scrapbook with portraits of her own Confederate Ancestors. We enjoyed our lunch and her hospitality.

  2. Rob D

    If anyone gets a chance to watch the movie 2009 Get Low, with Robert Duval and Bill Murray, you can see Crawfordville as featured as the local town in the 30’s; it’s a great movie, based on a true story, and the cabin Duval’s character lived in is right up the road at Pickett’s Mill Battlefield State Park, in Dallas, Georgia.



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