Dreamland Motel, Sylvania

3 thoughts on “Dreamland Motel, Sylvania

  1. Tom Robinson

    Would have been nice to see interior shots of the Seaborn Goodall house; I’m sure it would have been very nicely restored. Thanks!

  2. Erbie James

    This is one of the icons I remember from the early ’60s. When we made our annual pilgrimage down US21, 321 and 301 from Charlotte to Glennville, crossing the Georgia line was like crossing into the promised land. The Golden Sands Motel was the “first motel in Georgia” according to the billboards, but it is long gone. The Dreamland was another waypoint we always looked for. There aren’t many of those waypoints left.

    1. Jerry Levy

      In 1976 some college friends and I drove to Florida and took US 301 from Washington D.C. to Sarasota. I just remember all the cool businesses and signs along the road in GA, quite an adventure. I came back through in 1982 and a lot of the businesses had closed because I-95 had been completed in the late 1970s. I was disappointed. I passed by a cafe in South Carolina we had eaten at with a giant coffee pot on the outside. Building was there, but closed.


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