Wesleyanna Memorial Methodist Church, 1870, Screven County

This quaint historic church is a testament to a congregation’s desire to preserve a place of worship, long after its last regular services were held. Most of the people in this community weren’t even born when the church was still active but according to Cheryl Bazemore, whose grandparents were among the builders of the church, a homecoming is held by descendants of the congregation each year. This explains the ceiling fans.

It’s a simple, utilitarian design, with board-and batten exterior walls, and very plain pews and pulpit, yet it really exemplifies the beauty of the country church.

A historic marker placed on the grounds in 1963 states: Organized 1868 under bush arbor on Stephen D. Lewis farm by Elder Theo. A. Pharr, John Hardy Bolton, Julia Wells Bolton, Stephen D. Lewis, Martha Howard Lewis, Paul Jenkins, Temperance Jenkins, Fulton L. Oglesby, Mary Bolton Oglesby and others on land given by Alexander James Wells and Isaac Thomas Bazemore. Original Trustees: John W. Boston, James Allen Bazemore, Green Berry Waters, Alexander James Wells and Abisha Humphrey Bazemore. Among early preachers: John Jenkins, W.D. Smith, Abisha Humphrey Bazemore, A.F. Ellington, Emory F. Dean, Jacob Perry Bazemore, David Matthews Bazemore, A.M. Johnson and John W. Roach.

June, 1957: church and cemetery set aside as perpetual memorial to founders by deed from Methodist Conference to Trustees, all of whom are descendants: Dora Bazemore Brooker, E. Lampkin Bazemore, I. Thomas Sanders, James Eugene Bazemore, Charles Thurman Hopkins, Sr., Lilla Sanders Smith, John W. Gross, Palmer A. Bazemore and Bertha Hoffman.

A sign over the entrance to the church yard dates the building to 1870.


13 thoughts on “Wesleyanna Memorial Methodist Church, 1870, Screven County

    1. Bridget Billard

      Thanks Cheryl. I guess I missed it. If I had seen this before I would have come out. Will there be a homecoming this year? 2 of my siblings finally went to check out the church…only took pictures of the outside..and the marker with our grandfather’s name.

  1. Bridget Smith Billard

    I’m still wondering when the next homecoming is. I would love to attend. My maternal grandfather was Charles Thurman Hopkins, Sr.

  2. Bridget Billard

    Does anyone know when the homecoming is? The article states a homecoming for descendants is held each year. My grandfather ( my mom’s father) is Charles Thurman Hopkins, Sr. He died when I was little. I have never been to this church, but would love to one day.

  3. Mary Boston

    My husband is a member of the Boston family. We visited the church in May 2015, with his 4th cousin, who would be a great great nephew of the John Boston listed on the plaque. The sign in front of the church was in need of repair. I imagine if you contacted the Screven County Courthouse, they could put you in touch with a descendant of one of the families. Everyone seems to know each other in this area.


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