Ripe Thing Market, Greensboro

I stayed at a cheap motel in downtown Greensboro because the chains near I-20 were way too expensive for what they were offering. I won’t sing the praises of the cheap motel, but the biggest bonus was finding Ripe Thing Market just a couple of blocks away. The gentleman who started the business was working when I went inside. He was very welcoming and knowledgeable about the myriad selection on display in the market. He explained that his son and daughter-in-law were now charged with its day-to-day operation but it was as if he never left the place. I’m amazed that a town the size of Greensboro supports a business like this; Ripe Thing has as good a selection of organic/locavore products as similar markets in much larger towns.  The business is located inside an old service station which has been restored in an environmentally friendly, utilitarian style.

The stock rotates with the seasons, of course. There was a table full of moist loaves of Pumpkin Bread from Hillside Orchard Farms in Tiger when I visited. They have lots of candies and other baked goods, as well.

A growing selection of nationally known organic brands is available, as well as grass-fed beef and farm-raised pork. I didn’t have a cooler with me, so I didn’t get any of the meat, but I bought a bag of Butternut Squash Tortilla Chips that were among the best I’ve ever eaten.

If you’re a fan of organic, sustainable and locally sourced foods, you can’t miss Ripe Thing when you’re in Greensboro. It’s worth a drive of thirty minutes to an hour if you’re nearby. They also have daily menu items like homemade chili, soups, and deli sandwiches. Their fresh-baked deserts looked tempting, too.

Emily LaBorde Hines, a longtime favorite blogger of mine, has a nice write-up about Ripe Thing at Em’s On the Road:

They’re open 7 days a week!

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