Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, 1868, Greensboro

Among the first members of the Church of the Redeemer were women who had fled the Civil War in Savannah and Charleston. In September 1863 the Right Reverend Stephen Elliott, first Bishop of Georgia, held the first communion with members in the home of Mrs. Philip Clayton. (Mr. Clayton had the distinction of serving as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the administration of President Buchanan, and he held the same position in the government of the Confederate States of America.  After the war, he was considered a person of great integrity and served as United States Ambassador to Peru).

J. G. Barnwell of Rome was the architect and builder of the Carpenter Gothic masterpiece and on 14 June 1868 the church was consecrated by the Right Reverend John Beckwith, Bishop of Georgia. The first rector was Father Joshua Knowles. He served for nineteen years and, at his request, was buried with his wife by the side of the church in an area now known as “The Knowles.”

National Register of Historic Places


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