Wayside Home Memorial, Union Point

The Wayside Home operated in Union Point from 1862-1864, serving over one million meals to Confederate soldiers, sailors, and marines passing through the city, many enroute to the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil War. General James Longstreet paused here in September 1863 enroute to Chickamauga. The home wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of local women, who prepared meals and took care of sick and wounded soldiers around the clock.

A small park overlooking Sibley Avenue memorializes the local women who made the Wayside Home possible: Mrs. James B. Hart (Treasurer); Mrs. M. L. Watson; Mrs. Martha E. Forester; Mrs. Dr. B. F. Carlton (Secretary); Mrs. Philip Yonge; Mrs. Dr. W. A. Moore; Mrs. J. C. Deal; Mrs. P. W. Printup; Mrs. L. Bynum; Mrs. Ira Brown; Mrs. Richard Dilworth; Mrs. E. A. Wagnon; Miss Julia Wagnon; Mrs. Susan Hutchins.

Union Point Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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