Ponder House, Circa 1850, Fairplay

The most significant relic of the Fairplay community’s early history, this Greek Revival home, with fluted Doric columns, was built for John Harris Ponder (4 July 1784-17 November 1864) circa 1850. His son, George F. Ponder (1 January 1816-18 May 1896) was said to own most of the land between Fairplay and Rutledge during his lifetime. A well-maintained cemetery is located on the property, as well.


4 thoughts on “Ponder House, Circa 1850, Fairplay

  1. Terry Ponder

    John Harris was brother of my GG Grandfather. I made a visit there & to the cemetery behind the house. My Ponders came to Texas from Mississippi about 1880.

  2. Ben Dooley

    Beautiful and I’ll wager not your typical “farmhouse” in the area. Do you have any idea on the age? It looks as if it could be a true pre Civil War Greek Revival unless it is a 20th century well done imitation. Where is Fairplay Brian?


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