Site of Davis Mill, Worth County

Davis Mill was built on Jones Creek in northern Worth County in 1879. The foundation of the gristmill remains today, as does the millpond (now known as Jordan Company Lake).

The mill itself is extant, as well. It was relocated to the Georgia Museum of Agriculture in Tifton.

I came here with Hoyt Dorminey, who shared memories of visiting his uncle and aunt, J. W. & Mattie Lindsey, in the 1950s. They operated the mill, which was then owned by S. O. Spooner. It stopped producing about 1963.



7 thoughts on “Site of Davis Mill, Worth County

  1. Russ Story

    The dam and mill was built by my great Great great uncle Barney Kearce who was a Confederate Veteran. His sister was my GGG grandmother Mary Jane Kearns. During the war in 1862 the family lost 4 males. 2 of three sons and Their father(James).
    Barney and his father had walked along Jones Creek and talked about how the pond could be made and a dam built for the grist mill. My Great Uncle George Story tan the mill and sold grits and corn Meal until the lat 80’s. He died from Leukemia and the mill was then donated to the Sate of Georgia and grinds corn at the Agrirama. I enjoyed staying out there and helping my great uncle with the product. I fished and hunted all over that place as a kid. It was a magical place… still is to me.

  2. Dillon Harris

    I have cleaned up the area around the mill several times over the years but people immediately trash it back up. Not sure why people are so trashy but they are and it is reflected in the amount of trash at this spot and all along the roads in the area.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thank you for your efforts at trying to keep it clean. I agree that people can be trashy when it comes to littering and dumping things in public. That anyone would want to spoil this beautiful spot is really sad.

  3. Fred

    I revisited this place earlier this year. I am very said to say that the area downstream from the dam appears to have been appropriated by local area teens and/or worthless denizens who have completely trashed what was a beautiful clear creek. I made me very, very sad as I am sure that there is no one to clean it up. I do not understand why anyone would be unwilling to pick up their beer cans and trash after going to this spot to enjoy it. If it was a pretty enough place to visit and enjoy, was it not special enough to leave unspoiled? Well, the Mill Pond is unchanged. .

  4. Fred Gleaton

    I don’t think I have ever seen the water quite that high there. When the level is low, the creek runs pretty much clear. I remember being in the mill once as a little boy and hearing the creek of the wheel. I have been back several times as an adult just because it is such a beautiful place. I also recall a close encounter encounter with a water moccasin on that bridge. Glad you had no such meetings.


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