Lake Blackshear Dam, 1930, Warwick

Also known as the Warwick Dam, the larger complex known as Plant Crisp was devised in 1925 as a way for Crisp County to generate its own electrical power. It’s unique in that it was the first county-owned, -constructed and -operated power dam in the United States. The reservoir it created became known as Lake Blackshear in honor of David Blackshear, the commander of nearby Fort Early. I’m amazed by the fact that Crisp County had the foresight to be power independent long before most communities had any such ideas. It has also served the area well as a recreation hub for the better part of a century.



2 thoughts on “Lake Blackshear Dam, 1930, Warwick

  1. Ernie Fordham

    Any info on Fort Early? I recently saw a map of Georgia dated 1836 that shows Fort Early as the only settlement in that area. Cordele didn’t exist at the time.

  2. Victor McGough

    Fond memories of Lake Blackshear. My aunt & uncle rented a cabin there with another couple for the weekend and we fished all weekend. I caught my first fish there. I don’t remember the dam.

    The Baptist Church in Lily GA would have a picnic there once a month on Sunday after church. Us kids would play on the playground till it was time to eat and then afterwards till it was time to go swimming. It seemed like a lifetime till I was allowed to go swimming.

    If I recall correctly I went there with my aunt and uncle to a restaurant for supper at the lake. I remember playing some arcade games of the day.

    I recall a road that went across the lake and there was a general store there where we would buy sodas.

    Thanks for the memeories


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