Raines Farmhouse, Worth County


6 thoughts on “Raines Farmhouse, Worth County

  1. Nick Mainor

    My great grandma name was Georgia mae raines and she lived not far from there in a small town call Warwick GA in worth county not far from here at all..don’t know hardly none of the raines family but I do remember my great grandma saying she was Indian..

  2. Sage

    I have enjoyed your photos of my new territory. This could have been my great-grandparents home in the Sandhills of NC (except for the AC window unit).

  3. Melvin Wright

    I’m pretty sure this is my great grandmother’s home (Raines home) near the intersection of Highway 33 and the Ashburn Warwick Road. It was sold many years ago but once had a windmill and deep well on the property.

    1. Joy McDaniel

      I wonder what Raines this house belonged to. A James Hardy Raines married into my Davis Family and I wondered if the house might have belonged to them.

      1. Casey White Moore

        James Hardy Raines is my great grandfather and I am pretty sure this is the house my grandmother was raised in.

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