Shingler United Methodist Church, 1917, Worth County

This beautiful church was constructed between 1916-1917.  S. S. Kemp was the pastor at the time. J. J. DuPriest, C. T. Lumpkin, and W. D. Royal made up the Building Committee.


2 thoughts on “Shingler United Methodist Church, 1917, Worth County

  1. Sue

    I attended church and Sunday School there when I was growing up!
    I gave my life and joined the chucrch here at Shingler Methodist church. So many fond memories of Easter egg hunts, dinners on the ground.

  2. Paul Wetherington

    Great photo Brian. I really love these old churches and the skill with which they were built. No ordinary builder could put an entrance on a corner the way this one was. As they say “simple but elegant “.
    Paul Wetherington


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