Gilmer’s Grocery, Fortsonia

Here’s more history from Frank Fortson: “The northernmost Fortsonia store was a storage building for the original Hudson store. My grandfather and Baker Wyche’s grandfather ran that as a General Store at some point in the 1905-1913 period. The store was known as Fortson’s & Wyche. You can see an old photo of it on the site and barely make out the name in the gable area. It shows several men, including the two proprietors, on the front porch, with my grandfather holding a long gun across his lap. Around 1913, when the Elberton & Eastern RR came through (and Fortsonia got its name), my grandfather built a store across the street, near the train depot. Years later the northernmost store became Gilmer Hudson’s Grocery. That store and the adjacent one (Clark Hudson’s General Store) were recently purchased by Ben (cousin) Fortson. Ben’s Dad, George H. Fortson, ran a General Store between Guy Bell’s and Clark Hudson’s. That store was demolished some years back.

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