Art House, Carlton

This circa 1894 gabled-ell cottage is the home of Mike Jones and Stephanie Astalos-Jones. Stephanie writes: All the art here IS for sale. There is a small sign on the corner of Lexington and Highway 72 that says “art for sale” and points this way…Our hope is that our house is known as an art house where people can come and find original art.

It was hard not to stop after seeing this big hand on a tree in the yard.

Regarding the beautiful decoration of the house, Stephanie explains: Every bit of that is hand painted. I’m a pysanky artist (batik work on egg shell) and I wanted to put pysanky style artwork on the house. I’m also a professional actor

There were three sculptures in the yard, and the remains of an old tuba attached to a post. Stephanie notes: My husband is a sculptor and a jazz saxophone player. Those are his pieces you show in the yard. It’s nice to see them again since all are sold now.


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