Watson Mill Bridge, 1885, Oglethorpe County

Georgia’s longest covered bridge is one of my favorite places. Watson Mill Bridge was built in 1885 over the South Fork of the Broad River by Washington (WW) King, son of the freed slave and great bridge builder, Horace King. The bridge is supported by the town lattice truss system and wooden pins.

The bridge is accessible at Watson Mill Bridge State Park, near Comer. It’s truly one of the most picturesque and beautiful outdoor spots in all of Georgia. Fewer than 20 of Georgia’s 200 historic covered bridges remain.

2 thoughts on “Watson Mill Bridge, 1885, Oglethorpe County

  1. Stacy Dwayne Aaron

    Except that the bridge, itself, is in Oglethorpe County. You only enter Madison County, after crossing the bridge.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thanks, Stacy. I noticed I had never placed a tag on it, so I must have been unsure. Bridges can be confusing as to location, so I appreciate your help.


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