The Ashantilly Press, Darien

This was home to Bill Haynes’ Ashantilly Press, located on the grounds of the Ashantilly Center near Darien. The well-stocked print shop produced fine letterpress books and other ephemera in Haynes’ lifetime and today continues his legacy with ongoing projects.

As a lifelong bibliophile, I was honored to tour Mr. Haynes’s print shop. Harriet Langford is optimistic about future use of the press.

Bill Haynes used this Chandler & Price platen press in the production of limited edition books and ephemera.

Check with the nice folks at Ashantilly about letterpress printing workshops and demonstrations. Better yet, buy some of their delightful Christmas cards to wow your friends!

3 thoughts on “The Ashantilly Press, Darien

  1. Carol

    I wish them the accolades that Hatch Show Print has here in Nashville. They have become quite a success story in historic hand made printing projects, using the old letterpress process and hand carved wood blocks.


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