Nimrod Clark House, Wheeler County

This may be two houses joined together but more interestingly, the posts on the porch are made from trees. I wasn’t able to get a more detailed photograph. There are several great outbuildings on this property, including the barn seen below. Helen Jones identifies this as the Nimrod Clark house and notes that Mr. Clark was born in 1815. This would suggest an antebellum origin for the house, which is likely log underneath updated siding.

5 thoughts on “Nimrod Clark House, Wheeler County

  1. R Dixon

    This was my grandparents house C.R. Dixon SR
    It is part log and I remember when he changed the porch posts from square to the logs

  2. Helen Jones

    This was Nimrod Clark b. 1815 house. I do not know who lives there now. Across the street use to be Hope Church. It burnt down. Behind the church was & still the old Clark family cemetery. Caddie cornor from this house is where they rebuilt Hope Church. That property use to be Hope school. A one room school.

  3. Kay Minter

    This is one of my favorite place to see as I pass it. It is very well maintained.
    Hope to see it for many more years.


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