Barber Shop, Alma

alma ga barber shop photograph copyrigh brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

This is an excellent example of an old time barber shop. I got my first haircut in a place like this.

alma ga barber shop interior photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

5 thoughts on “Barber Shop, Alma

      1. Danniel

        My dad is 80 yrs old. After the military, he graduated Barber School, and planted his roots there on that corner, in that Barber shop in Alma, Ga., long before I was even born. That very chair was designed with an ashtray in the arm of it, if that tells you how old it is. I grew up spinning circles in that chair. I’ve seen a lot of people sit in that chair. It’s kinda sad when I think about it, but a blessing all the same., To see a man bringing his son in for his first hair cut, then years later that son brings his dad in for his last hair cut. My dad developed a friendship with his customers over the years, as they would come in and talk to him about their lives and problems they had had, sharing happy moments too. He would give them advice sometimes, and other times he would just listen. And he has watched over the years as so many of those friends have since passed on. He still works there today, I’m sure going to miss that chair when it’s my dad’s turn to go home. That used to be one busy place… I’d sit in the office as a kid, and try to ignore all the gossip, it would be a room full of men , sitting around talking politics, telling dirty jokes, and bragging on how big that fish was that they caught over the weekend. That chair may not look old, but I promise, that chair is one chair that I’d give anything for it to be 1980 again , and me be 5 yrs old chewing my Barbershop Gum, and spinning in circles as fast as I could go. Thank you Brian for the photos. I love it.

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