Raleigh United Methodist Church, 1883, Meriwether County

In 1880, J. M. Brooks, Mrs. Isabella Brooks, and R. S. Bowden gave two acres of land adjacent to Cain Creek for the purpose of “divine worship” by all denominations in the community. It was to be known as Union Hill. Services were held in a brush arbor here until 1883, when the Baptists dispersed to their own congregations, leaving the Methodists to build this church.

1 thought on “Raleigh United Methodist Church, 1883, Meriwether County

  1. Glenn Brooks Florence

    I had been looking for the Brooks cemetery, a place my grandmother recounted visiting as a girl and thinking it was lost to time. After my Dad’s passing a number of years ago, I made a point of coming to the area(I’m in PA) to visit the cemetery indicated on find a grave. But it was wrong. I then found your picture with the reference to my GG grandmother and I eventually found it across from the church on the other side of Cane Creek. History matters. Thank you.


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