Ogeechee River at Oliver

Oliver Landing is a great place to access the Ogeechee.

7 thoughts on “Ogeechee River at Oliver

  1. JM

    :..Let us all honor those who have long ago tread their banks and paddled these tannin filled water ways.”
    Hypocritical for Europeans to steal land from Native Americans then lie about ‘honoring’ their memory as a way to cover up what really happened.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      As European descendants, many of us are in fact appalled by this treatment. Manifest destiny was a terrible thing that brought many on board, including Native Americans who made deals, albeit with guns pointed to their heads. To make a wholesale assumption that it’s hypocritical to honor Native Americans seems short-sighted to me. It’s not like we’re going to give the land back. Short of that what else can we do? Please elaborate.

  2. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    Your picture of the Ogeechee River is a wonderful shot that any person can appreciate, if only they have an appreciation of natural settings. We Georgians are blessed with a multitude of such quaint beautiful sites. These small rivers such as the Ogeechee, Ohoopie, Canoochee, and the Auchenehatchee(Little Ocmulgee) many of which are dark tea colored streams, add to the special attractiveness of South Georgia. They are mingled with a culture that grew from Georgia’s early settlers and are of course a testament to their former occupants, the Native Americans who gave these meandering streams their unique names.
    Let us all honor those who have long ago tread their banks and paddled these tannin filled water ways. As Georgians, let us do our duty to protect our natural heritage where bountiful beauty lives.

  3. Alexis Tootle Deal

    Thank you, Brian for featuring this area of the Ogeechee River. It was a favorite boat landing for my Dad (Billy Tootle). Now that he is gone, remembering how much he loved fishing the Ogeechee, talking about our favorite trips with him brings us comfort.

  4. Carolyn

    Thanks for this picture of the Ogeechee River, Brian. My great grandfather, William Allen Hagin, ran a ferry on the Ogeechee at Halcyondale.


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