William John Wren Memorial, Wrens

William John Wren was the founder and namesake of the town of Wrens. This memorial is located beside the post office, with the Wren House visible in the background. I’m not sure when it was placed here, but it was likely around the time of Mr. Wren’s death.

3 thoughts on “William John Wren Memorial, Wrens

  1. Bobbie smith

    I am looking for a little place between Fargo Ga and Statenville Ga called Need more Ga .I lived there as a child in 1950’s.was some kind of refugee camp there one store run by a Mr.Henderson. my Dad was in the lumber business, had a sawmill in the woods there. I went to school in Statenville, I remember riding the bus a long way. The bus drivers name was Mrs.Touchdone.can you tell me anything about this place? THANKS.

    1. Alan

      It’s in Brantley county ga. Map says it at the intersection of why 32 and 110. I’m On the map it’s spelled Needmore


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