Plantation Plain Farmhouse, Wayne County

A historic preservationist has suggested to me that he believes this to be one of the oldest surviving houses in lower Southeast Georgia, perhaps dating to the 1830s. Definitely antebellum and likely built within the first three decades of settlement in Wayne County, it features a recessed chimney and original log attached kitchen.




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7 responses to “Plantation Plain Farmhouse, Wayne County

  1. Rebecca Morris

    how do you find property owners from the 1800’s to 1900’s and how would you be able to find renters locations during same time frame

  2. Lannie wilson

    A lot of thought went into this one.

  3. Cheryl

    Where is this house?

  4. Jeff

    I’d like to see what the original chimney looked like. This replacement was by a not so skilled mason.

  5. Frank

    The upstairs loft was kid’s bedrooms, they usually had 10 or so kids, so I can imagine shared beds or pallets on floor. It gets rather warm in South Georgia, do you see window upstairs? Ventilation? Winter is thankfully short, but cold all the same. No fireplace upstairs, heat rises so if fire is kept going all night with good quilts they were still probably cold.

  6. What an attractive home this must have been when it was first built. When one looks at it, it makes you think that someone put a lot of thought into its design. Would that someone had started preservation on this lovely lady a few decades ago!! I love this one!

  7. ben dooley

    I have never seen anything like this Brian. I wonder do the projecting ”fins” also occur on the other end of the house?

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