Muhlenbergia, East Beach

Muhlenbergia is quite common in Georgia and is known for its bright pink blooms in autumn. It’s particularly nice to see in masses on the dunes.

3 thoughts on “Muhlenbergia, East Beach

  1. Ben

    Beautiful Brian. I am currently on St George Island in the FL panhandle and the Mulenbergia and Goldenrod are everywhere along with flocks of Fritillary butterflies! The Souther coasts are at their best in the fall!

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      I totally agree, Ben! Haven’t been to st. George since the early 80s; I’m sure it’s much more developed now. But at least quieter this time of year.

      1. ben

        We have been going to SGI since ’83 and loved the naturalness…lots of vegetation and wetlands. It is much more developed today but still downright rural compared to most popular beaches…no crowds, no high-rises, no water slides and no cars on the beach. Even more laid back than St Simons.

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