Historic Storefronts, Moreland

While photographing Moreland, we had the good luck of running into Carol Chancey. Carol, a member of the Moreland Cultural Arts Association, is very enthusiastic about the history of this place. We talked a lot about Lewis Grizzard and Erskine Caldwell and plans for preserving what is left of Moreland. She also identified the buildings seen here. Besides the Cureton & Cole store on the left, she notes that the middle building was a doctor’s office and the one on the right was the old post office.

1 thought on “Historic Storefronts, Moreland

  1. Travis D. Vaughn III

    In 1956–1962, I knew the store as Lee’s General Store. His wife was the 3rd-grade teacher at the 8-grade Moreland Elementary.

    Mrs. Christine Atkinson (Lewis Grizzard’s mlm) taught 1st grade, Mrs. Bowers taught 2nd, Mrs. Summers or Sommers taught 4th, my mother taught 8th and my father was principal.


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