General Store & Post Office, Circa 1925, Walthourville

Jonell Blitch notes that in the 1950’s this was a general store that sold dry goods and linens and home delivery groceries. You could run monthly tabs to buy needed supplies. [It was] owned and operated by Jimmy and Betty Blitch. I believe Wallace and Johnny Mallard were earlier owners. It also served as the Walthourville post office.


6 thoughts on “General Store & Post Office, Circa 1925, Walthourville

  1. Leland Blalock

    Jonell my name is Leland Blalock I worked for your parents in 1950-1952 while I was going to school at Bradwell Institute in Hinesville. I was making $15 a week and was so glad to get it. I moved to Savannah and went to work for Union Bag Corp. I’m now 85. Your parents were some of the best people I ever met.

  2. Josephine N Blitch aka Jonell

    Jonell adds their house was just to the left of the General Store, and they sold chicks from a pen behind the store. Iris was her father’s cousin.

  3. keith

    thank you for keeping thehistory of coastal georgia alive i uqve family that originated theee and still today ..thank you

  4. ben

    Brian do you know whether the owners of this store are related (I guess probably by marriage) to Iris Blitch who represented coastal GA in Congress in the 50’s and possibly 60’s?


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