Stacy’s Store, Flemington

In Liberty County: A Pictorial History (Hinesville, Liberty County Board of Commissioners, 1979), Virginia Fraser Evans writes: The exact date of this store is unknown. It was built by William Bates Trask, originally from Massachusetts. He and Frederick Newsom Lyons operated a general store and the post office in Flemington and Riceboro under the name of Lyons and Trask. Mr. Trask and his wife, Jane Margaret, lived in the house next door. The store and post office were later operated by Peter Fleming Martin, Sr., and Herbert Lowery Stacy, Sr. The store, which as can be seen in the first image, was originally a shotgun form with a wing later added. It has been closed for many years. The building is well-maintained and the last I recall, was used as a church.

In 2014, Francoise Hipp Fussell wrote: I haven’t seen this store since I was 5 years old attending first grade at Bradwell Institute! That was 61 years ago. That is truly amazing. I can’t believe that it’s still there. Sylvia Montez LeMier shared her reminiscences as well: I have sweet childhood memories of walking to Stacy’s Store with my grandmother, Ethel Quarterman Day, and cousins, in the 50’s.


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