Missouri Powell Canaday, Sister of Osceola, Moniac

Thanks to Sheilia Willis for sharing the location of Mrs. Canaday’s grave, and for this history, some of which (corrected) comes from a Charlton County history published in 1972: In terms of Chief Osceola [born  in present-day Tallassee, Alabama to John William and Polly Coppinger Powell. John William Powell was Scottish or Irish and Polly was Creek] , his lineage is most interesting. When he was a boy, some of his family and their friends were given sanctuary in the Moniac area after the Battle of Horseshoe Bend when many of the Upper Creeks fled to Florida. His sister was Missouri Powell who married John Milledge Canaday. He was supposedly a Creek warrior who was born in Coleraine, Ireland, and also had the name of Ossio Yahaltla. Perhaps John’s father was there going to school as some Native Americans did during the 1700s.

In 1800 John traveled up the St. Marys River and built a cabin near what is now Moniac. Then he visited relatives in Northern Alabama where he met and married Missouri Powell. Later, he went back up there to fight Andrew Jackson but when the Red Stick Creeks were defeated in 1814, he brought his wife’s family, including Osceola, down to this area. The Canadays remained here and Missouri’s sister’s family later went to adjacent Columbia County, Florida, but the rest of Osceola’s family moved farther down into Florida where he grew up and became famous as a leader of the Seminoles who you know had some of their origins from the Creek/Muscogee Nation.

The Canadays had many children and one of their descendants lives in St. George and runs the Canaday Gas Station there. My father and I always do a pit stop there when we go to the VA hospital in Gainesville.

Of Missouri’s children, John Milledge Canaday, Jr and his wife Sarah Howell Canaday are buried in North Prong Cemetery, which is a few more miles south and then on the west side of the St. Marys in Baker County, Florida. Sarah’s family was killed by Indians at Toledo. The death of the Howells is sometimes mixed up with the Canaday children but if you check the births, deaths, and marriages, you will see the difference. [The other children were Osceola Nikkanochee Canaday b. ?; Elizabeth Canaday b. 1823; Mary Ann Canaday b. 1824; Henry Canaday b. 1829; James Canaday b. 1831; William Jackson Canaday b. 1833; and Frances Marion Canaday b. 1840.

Also buried with the Canadays is Old Man Jernigan (Johnnygan). I’m unsure at this time as to his connection.

9 thoughts on “Missouri Powell Canaday, Sister of Osceola, Moniac

  1. Mechelle

    Osceola would be my son’s and my grandchildren. Great Great great many great grandfather…And Missouri would have been a great great great many great aunt… If anyone can add to the family tree please let me know as I have been trying to research back.. Tysvm..

  2. Nicole Raulerson

    Missouri Powell’s daughter Elizabeth Canady is my great great grandmother. I find this all fascinating and educational. I went to the north prong cemetery but ran out of daylight. Hoping to go back real soon.

  3. Lisa Whitney

    i am a decent of George w powell he was my great grandfather thank you for sharing this story. my grandmother was part Indian but was not raised by her parents she did not know why

  4. Sufia Giza

    This fills in some gaps for me as a descendant of Patriarch James McQueen, whose son, Peter McQueen ( Talmuchees Hadjo) is Missouri and Asi Yahola or Osceola’s, Grand Uncle, and the Chief & Prophet who led them from Alabama into Florida.

    Peter is their mother Polly’s uncle, the brother of her mother, Ann, and this confirms much of my research in a new book, Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed, in which I traced our Amerindian Heritage to Mississippian Moundbuilding Chiefdoms of the Southeast and Red Stick Creek (Upper Creek) from the Wind Clan. Thank you for sharing this missing piece of our untold story!

  5. Lisa Looney

    Betty Wadford, cousin told me due to Sara Missouri being part “Indian,” she wasnt permitted to be buried at the North Prong Cemetery. Journigan (Johnnycan) donated property nearby for a proper burial near family. Later, the Canaday Cemetery was built. (Thanks for these clear gravestrone photos).

    1. Wilma Doreen Fish Johns

      That was nice of him to do that for my great….Grandmother. Do you have names of his today relatives. Also I would like to know anything else you know please.

      1. Crystal Canada

        she is also my great grandmother I have been searching the history like a mad person and would love to connect if you are interested.

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