Hunting Cabin, Pooler

Someone contacted me regarding this structure, which was recently exposed after the clear-cutting of a property for a planned housing development. Housing development is booming in the area, rendering remaining rural tracts highly endangered. Pooler’s rapid growth in recent years has insured that the area looks much more like a modern suburb than a historic community. Pooler was the last whistle-stop on the Central of Georgia Railway before Savannah and was first known as Pooler’s Station. Sherman’s forces, en route to capture Savannah for the Union in December 1864, paused in the area to consider a location for the city’s surrender.

At first glance, the structure appears to be an historic dwelling but on closer inspection, it appears to be an old hunting cabin.

The positioning and style of the windows are certainly not normal and the exterior planks are very mismatched.

The chimney is also modern .

It’s possible that it was made using components of an older rescued structure.








4 thoughts on “Hunting Cabin, Pooler

  1. C Bunton

    I also just visited this cabin and found your article on it while trying to learn more about it. I believe it was an old cabin that was converted into a small Bar back in the woods.Maybe a little word of mouth watering hole for the locals, especially ones needing a break for nagging wives! I agree that the brick chimney was added on. Someone took the time to add power, modern light switches, ceiling wiring for fixtures, and a large bar keep area with plumbing for a sink. I would imagine moonshine would be on the menu! Can’t find anything further about it. Tried searching the Sagis website to see if original land owner info was available, but no luck. Could be a neat little Speakeasy/Bar venture for someone with money and imagination to expand it once Covid is contained.

  2. Lisa R. Rodgers

    Call Mark Bowe with Barnwood Builders(DYI Network). When you say modern, how modern? I, of course, love it!


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