Baptism, St. Simons Island

True Life Ministries of Atlanta has been conducting “open water” immersion baptisms on St. Simons Island for 21 years.

The church welcomes all who want to take part and have baptized over 1000 souls since they began the annual event.

It’s a wonderful thing to see, no matter your background or faith.

Often associated with African-Americans, mass baptisms were also popular with white churches, especially rural congregations, into the mid-20th century.

In most churches, baptismal pools have largely replaced the ritual today.

But as these photographs attest, there are still many who prefer to be baptized this way.

It is seen as a complete rebirth of the old body and soul but can be performed on anyone of any age.

This was one of the most moving and inspiring rituals I have ever witnessed.

I want to express my gratitude to Elder Gregory Hughes and his wonderful team for their openness to being photographed and for the welcoming message they shared with all gathered to witness this ritual.

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