Carey Hilliard’s, Savannah

If you know anything about Savannah, you’re likely familiar with this sign and the iconic local food chain it represents. The story goes that Carey Hilliard hitchhiked from Jesup to Savannah in the 1950s and failed at his first attempt in the restaurant business. He persevered and made another go at in 1960 and the rest is history. Five locations would follow the original on Skidaway Road and the chain even expanded to Charleston in 1979. Carey and his wife Kathleen died in a plane crash in 1982 but the fare they made famous remains a popular local favorite.

This photo was made at the Waters Avenue location.

8 thoughts on “Carey Hilliard’s, Savannah

  1. Liz

    The one on Waters really needs some one who knows the menu I just phoned in two light fried flounder she than states what are your two sides. The light only comes with one side. I told her I wanted the thick side of the fish. She said we only have broiled. and said we have tilapia. I said Mam is there someone there that knows the menu. Her reply was yes, I said can I speak to them please, She said what was your side. I hung up the phone. Never have I had this problem before. I don’t know what her problem was, where she was trying to listen to me and someone else talking at the same time or what. Oh well they just lost two orders.

  2. Margie S.

    I can remember when the Skidaway location was really small, somewhere around 1962-63. My future husband and I used to go there mostly late at night. On one particular night, Carey came out and ask if my boyfriend could come back to the kitchen and help him take the stew pot off the stove! When I think back, I’m fairly sure he was the only one in the restaurant, other than the two of us.

  3. robindavis

    Johnny Harris Restaurant is now gone!! They totally demolished it a few years ago. I had just taken my photo students from New York to eat there and they loved it! Then we heard it had been torn down for a strip mall. It’s unbelievable.

      1. robindavis

        It is great Barbecue Sauce isn’t it! I have a bottle sitting right here LOL. I always buy that and Captain John Derst’s Bread to take home to Atlanta!!

  4. AC

    Always loved this place… and I’ve eaten at almost all of the locations. Time and changing tastes have eroded some of its appeal. CH won’t win any culinary awards. Still, a nice slice of old coastal Georgia, and fondly remembered.


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