Dodge’s Chapel United Methodist Church, 1920s, Telfair County

This congregation was established in 1886 on land given by the Dodge Lumber Company. Reverend W. D. McGregor was the first pastor. The original church building was destroyed by high winds in the early 1920s and immediately rebuilt.

3 thoughts on “Dodge’s Chapel United Methodist Church, 1920s, Telfair County

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  2. David Royce Neal Sr.

    The oldest grave in the Dodges Chapel graveyard which is immediately behind the church is Joseph Henry Smith who died in December 1854. His father Christopher Columbus Smith was buried there in January 1860. Six graves from the Smith family were buried there before December 1886. This property was the Smith family graveyard at least 32 years before the church was built.

    1. Dawn Illiano

      I’m trying to find info for my great grandfather. His name was John Henry Smith. I don’t have birth or death dates. He is supposed to be buried in this cemetery. My grandfather, his only son and namesake was born 9/5/1909, also had a sister Hattie who was like 3years older than him. He died when my grandfather was a young boy, so I want to say like 1914 -1916 around then would be death year. I am looking to find info like, his parents name, and so on. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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