Leonard Spring, Dooly County

Though it’s inaccessible and located on private property, Leonard Spring is among the most pristine “blue holes” in South Georgia. It’s located on Pennahatchee Creek, a tributary of the Flint River. In recent years, many of these ice cold springs have lost their blue color due to environmental and agricultural strains, but not Leonard Spring. It’s the focal point of an important stewardship forest which has been in the same family for nearly two centuries.

Dooly County pioneer settlers Willis and Sarah Leonard lived on this land and recognized its importance from the start. Its protection has been one of their greatest legacies. I’m grateful to my friend Bert Gregory for securing access and to the family for granting permission.


8 thoughts on “Leonard Spring, Dooly County

  1. Stephen

    I was told by a family member that, Moch Springs was developed by my Uncle John Turner. Can anyone send me to any infomation? Uncle John’s property/farm was at the beginining of Moch Springs. His farm land was many thousands of acres. Thank you.

  2. Fred Gleaton

    Wonderful. Reminds me of Blue Springs in Pulaski County owned by my three great aunts when I was a child. Coooooooooooooooold water. I know it passed out of the family years ago but hope it has survived. The Primrose spring on Swift Creek between Worth and Crisp Counties, I am told, has dried up owing to irrigation.

  3. mahearn@progressivetel.com

    Absolutely beautiful and pristine. Thank you for sharing and God bless these beautiful people for preserving this beauty.


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  4. James (Andy) Hall

    Let’s also hear it for Alex & Gail Dopson in Rhine who are protecting Spring Lake on their property by the Ocmulgee in Telfair County. Willcox pioneers lived there.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Andy, are they any relation to Mr. William Dopson. I knew him through a family friend, Milton Hopkins of Osierfield. There is also a Spring Lake near Bowen’s Mill. It’s off House Creek. Could it be the same place?

      1. Andy Hall

        Hi Brian, I don’t know they’re related to William Dopson but I’d put $10 they are. Dopsons were pioneers in the area. Gail Dopson is a Brophy, related to pioneer John Willcox Jr who built pole boats on what they now call Spring Lake (was Willcox). I think the lake you’re referring to near Bowen’s Mill is on the west side of the Ocmulgee, about 3 miles SSW from the Dopson’s lake on the east side of the river. I have the Dopson’s number if you’d like to contact them.

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