Stovall-George-Woodward-Gregory House, 1908, Vienna

This landmark of the Neoclassical style was built by Dr. C. T. Stovall after “Whitehall”, his previous home at this location, burned. Stovall was Vienna’s primary physician for many years, in addition to serving as the city’s first treasurer and eventually alderman and mayor. In 1914, he sold the home to Walter F. George, who was then serving as the Superior Court judge for the Cordele Circuit. George was elected to the United States Senate in 1922 where he would serve as one of its most influential members until shortly before his death in 1957. He sold the house in 1924.

Subsequent owners were the L. L. Woodward family, Georgia Supreme Court Associate Justice Hardy Gregory, Jr., and his nephew, Bert Gregory. Mr. Gregory graciously allowed me to photograph the house, which he was preparing for sale.

It’s been a wonderful showcase for Mr. Gregory’s numerous collections and served as his law office.

National Register of Historic Places


5 thoughts on “Stovall-George-Woodward-Gregory House, 1908, Vienna

  1. Jane Justice

    My husband Ricky Justice remodeled the home for the Gregory’s in the early 1990s. Mrs. Carolyn loved the glass room adjacent to the kitchen. During one of the renovations, He added the Widow’s Walk on the very tip top of the roof, renovated the magnificent kitchen and scouted all of South Georgia to find matching wood to make the trim wood match. It is a glorious home!

  2. Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett

    Sen. Walter F. George was from Preston, in Webster County, Georgia. He was the grandson of James Franklin “Bob” Stapleton, who descended from George Lawson Stapleton Sr. of Jefferson County, an American Revolution Patriot.

  3. Sue McGowan Lewis

    What a lovely old neoclassical! Thanks so much for sharing, There’s nothing more stately or lovely in my opinion. What a beauty!!


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