Watt & Holmes Hardware Building, 1908, Cordele

This marble-front commercial block is one of the nicest historic retail buildings remaining in downtown Cordele. Its condition is probably not good, but hopefully, it can be saved. Watt and Holmes was one of the most successful businesses in early-20th-century Cordele. It was last home to an Allied Department Store.

Cordele Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


3 thoughts on “Watt & Holmes Hardware Building, 1908, Cordele

  1. Lydia Mason

    This was like a light bulb coming on! I faintly remember that my great grandfather James H Harley was an owner of Watts, Harley and Holmes Hardware. He was my Two Moms’ dad (my dad’s mom) and had stores in Thomasville and Waycross, I believe. Have you come across this anywhere?


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