Worley House, Circa 1914, Arabi

Anne Carol Burke writes that this was the home of her great aunt, Edna Worley.


9 thoughts on “Worley House, Circa 1914, Arabi

  1. ericbevel

    My Granny, Ida Pittman, lived across the street from this house at 4235. The house has been remodeled since she passed. As a kid, I loved seeing this beautiful blue house. I always wondered about the people who lived in the lovely homes around town. Nice to be able to learn a little about some of the old town folk.

  2. Rebecca Calhoun Sheriff

    Hi everyone. I remember going to this pretty house. My Mom took me. I think, but not positive that my grandfather worked for Mr. Worley at some time. Love Arabi area and going there when I was a little girl ❤️

  3. smckinney31712

    This would be the McKinney house. The Worley was married to a McKinney. Check tax records for 4285 BEDGOOD AVE. Arabi, Ga 31712. It is currently in horrible shape as it is in an estate dispute.


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