Gable Front Farmhouse, Berrien County

We pass by these places all the time. An abandoned farmhouse long forgotten may not seem worthy of documentation to some, but this is where the real people of Georgia worked the farms that anchored our economy for much of the 20th century, long before “Big Ag” began squeezing out small farmers. Many will never be identified, but I’m grateful to all of you for the ones that have been through the years. I see a beauty in these places comparable to our finest homes.


4 thoughts on “Gable Front Farmhouse, Berrien County

  1. Lonnie Hunter

    Abraham Hunter was my third great-grandfather in Brooks County Georgia the old Hunter Farms / Hunter Plantation. Any information on him or his life would be appreciated thank you Lonnie Hunter

  2. Jerry Hancock

    Hey Brian,I’m so glad you posted this pic of the farmhouse in Berrien county! My Dad leased this land for hunting for the last 15 years or so, so I had the opportunity to explore it for many years and recognized it instantly! Sadly, the man who owned the property, “Mr. Dixie,” passed away a couple of years ago. He grew up in this house and lived across the street from this property until his death. His son, who lives in California, now has ownership and had planned to let a logging company come in and clear the land. I really hope this old farmhouse doesn’t get destroyed in the process? I grew up in Moultrie, but now I’m stranded in the ATL, so your updates are always welcomed and remind me of home and days gone by. Keep up the great work! kindest regards,Jerry Hancock

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  4. grant grabert

    Thanks for you comments with this photograph.
    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Thanks to all of the small farmers that were here before us and are presently with us.
    Also, thank you for your work. I always look forward to getting your emails.

    Grant Grabert

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