Snow United Methodist Church, 1903, Dooly County

The South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church gives some background on the history of this community: The need for a church was discussed during a gathering of neighbors in Mrs. Tilly Crumpler’s home prior to 1833. These people searched for a site near a good water supply which was difficult in an area not near a river or creek. This group found some boiling springs of white sand that reminded them of snow, so the place was called Snow Springs*. The first structure was a brush arbor used primarily as a summer camp meeting place. Next, a log structure was built and a deed for eight acres of land was given by Brother Taylor. The first Bible was presented by Mrs. Vickers. A wooden structure replaced the log building prior to the Civil War. The present building was constructed in 1902-1903. The stained glass windows are original but were reframed during the 1950s. Sunday school rooms were added in the 1940s…The church bells were considered “old fashioned” so they were taken out in the 1920s and the steeple was renovated in the name of modernization.

*- because another community in North Georgia is already known as Snow Springs, this community is “officially” known as Snow Spring. It’s also been known simply as Snow.


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