Euharlee Creek Covered Bridge, 1886, Bartow County

This Town Lattice covered bridge, the only one remaining in Bartow County, was built on Euharlee Creek in 1886 by Washington W. King. King was the son of former slave and master architect and bridge builder Horace King.

The historical marker erected in 2000 by the Georgia Historical Society and the Federal Highway Administration notes, in part: In 1886 the county contracted with Washington W. King…and Jonathan H. Burke for the construction of this 138-foot bridge…This bridge replaced several previous structures, the last having been built two years prior.

The bridge remained in use until the completion of a modern bridge circa 1980. Much of the material used to build the massive Plant Bowen nearby was hauled over this historic bridge.

3 thoughts on “Euharlee Creek Covered Bridge, 1886, Bartow County

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  2. Debbie Racka

    Hi Brian – thanks for the great photos and comments. I’m looking forward to reading your posts in 2021! The Covered Bridge photos & story was great. I’ve explored covered bridges in North America and Europe and never get tired “finding” them. Best wishes to you in the new year!

    Debbie Racka

  3. Ben Dooley

    Great pictures Brian. The several feet of cantilever past the stone support pier and what appears a steel approach to the main span over what looks like a floodplain make me wonder whether the covered portion was originally longer. Did you observe any physical evidence or hear any local legend of such a possibility?


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